Cocoon Co. Ltd is licensed by Minister for Workforce in Japan for recruiting company for varies job requirement and expanding additional business to promote newly developed items.
The experience in industry developed skill and knowledge to develop bridges in between businesses. We gain ideas and knowledge from many our client company. It is our motto to develop new software from the information.
The networks of the clients are wide and variety, food industry, sports goods, electrical goods and cosmetics. We are in charge of planning, developing, importing, marketing, selling and consulting of merchandise.
Address 〒562-0027 兵庫県尼崎市西昆陽3-31-3-A1 
  3-31-3-A1 Nishikoya Amagasaki Hyogo Japan 562-0027
  TEL 06-7177-2518  FAX 06-7172-8308
Established 22/03/1991
Capital ¥ 11,000,000
Director Hiroyuki Akimoto

Established Cocoon Co. Ltd   As fashion and photo model and event agency.

07/1991   Licensed by Minister of Labor
02/1996   The company developed and start using software for operation of model agency
06/1996   Joined Internet committee of Association of Model Agency in Japan
09/1996   *Organised Joint Exhibition of International Kyoto Art association and Slovakian Art association at Slovak Republic national broadcasting station
  *Organised audition of professional models to invite to Japan as single organiser
  *interviewed by all of media in Slovak republic
01/97   Invited HENLIETA NAGYOVA at Pan-pacific Open Tennis and managed her schedule
04/97   Casting 100 men’s professional models together with Hiroko Koshino at Osaka Collection
04/97   Organised Korea Japan model casting project with Korea Intermedia Co. Ltd.
06/98   Organised audition for models for Nissen Co. Ltd. which is direct sales company and Senshukai Co.Ltd. which is catalog shopping company in Prague, capital city of Czeck Republic
10/98   Organised audition in Soul to select models for Tokyo collection of Hiroko Koshino fashion show
01/99   Developed and delivered a system of data processing in Cocoon Co. Ltd.
08/99   Established System Devision
09/99   Developed Software for fingerprint recognised time recorder of Mitsubishi electric Co. Ltd.
11/2000   Obtained Licensed copy right of popular character “NEORIKA“ from Toy maker Takara to developed and manufactured new item for the character
04/01   Sold Licensed copy right and developed, manufactured items of popular character “NEORIKA“ to R Co. Ltd
10/01   Planning electric tooth cleaner “BLANCA” together with dentist
02/02   Finalised “BLANCA” sold in 13 shops of Tokyu Hands department store in all over Japan(\9800)
04/02   “BLANCA” became very popular on QVC shopping network
05/02   Planning “Shark fin collagen” Health food and sold on the air of QVC
06/02   Received order to create promotion video and poster for “BLANCA”. And organised model audition in Sydney. Later taken photos for the poster.
Video was broadcasted all over Japan
08/02   Promoting Healthy food “POLICOSANOL” as exclusive agent to Japan for Rainbow Family Pty. Ltd in Sydney to SANKYO INC., KANEBO INC., KOBAYASI PHARMACEUTICAL Co. Ltd., SIZENKAN Co. Ltd. and NIPPON FUNMATSU YAKUHIN Co. Ltd.
It became twice as many of sales of “POLICOSANOL”than exclusive sales contract with Blackmore Pty. Ltd.
09/02   Bridged SIZENKAN Co. Ltd. and Rainbow Family Pty. Ltd for sales contract to Japan in Sydney.
10/02   Started direct sales to members of Cocoon Direct sales system.
12/02   “BLANCA”sales record has reached 350,000 and it became hit item.
03/03   Start selling Australian accessories on QVC system
04/03   “HUKAHIRE KORAGEN “has achieved the best sales record of 1 hour program
06/03   It has achieved 3000 membership of Cocoon direct sales system
06/05   Cocoon has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Gurahams Pty.,Ltd based in Australia
Cocoon began importing and selling extra virgin coconut oil from Bio-medical based in Australia
16/05   Cocoon has been doing a wholesale and distribution industry in Japan
XEBEC co.,Ltd
Mitsubishi Electrics Co. Ltd.    
Hachette Fujingaho Co. Ltd.
KINTETSU Department Store INC
HANKYU Department Store INC 
DAIMARU Department Store INC
TENMAYA Department Store INC.
Nissen Co. Ltd.